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Also woman
The most important love in life is self-love
ALSO is a small independent lingerie brand from St. Petersburg, Russia.

All products are hand-sewn in a small workshop. We consciously chose this type of production. This way we can be sure that we are producing a quality product with the least harm to the environment.

A brand is not just lingerie, it is our voice, our path to real ourselves. By creating each product, we want to give every woman comfort and confidence. Because beauty is not put on in the morning, but always lives in us. We want every woman to know that she is unique and that is her beauty and superpower. We believe that the most important love in life is self-love.
Our advantages
Materials quality
We use only high-quality and safe materials from the best manufacturers. All of them have European quality certificates
Hand sewing
All products are sewn by hand with attention to every detail and every seam. Each of them is individual and unique with the same quality of execution
Capsule solution
All products are combined with each other. This allows you to create a convenient solution for the basic underwear wardrobe
Caring for the planet
We have waste-free production and eco-friendly functional packaging. We strive to cooperate only with manufacturers of materials that share our eco-friendly views